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Over the past century Ajinomoto has dedicated itself to the science and development of products based on the properties and functions of natural amino acids. Today our Specialty and Personal Care products have a new look and a new name, aminobeauty, which celebrates the joy of life, at every stage and in all its diversity. Nature gives power and beauty to life through amino materials. With aminobeauty nature's gift is ours, to create and maintain beautiful skin and hair throughout our lives.


An ever-present name throughout East Asia, Ajinomoto Co., Inc. is the Tokyo-based food sciences giant, whose presence is felt through its diversified range of products centered around amino acids; from some of the most popular foods and beverages, to pharmaceutical and nutritional supplements, to natural amino acid-based products that act in concert with the body’s chemistry to improve flavor and enhance foods’ essential goodness.

Its annual sales of USD $12 billion worldwide are a testament to its influence. Over the past century, dating to its foundation in 1909, the name Ajinomoto has earned the trust of the public through a tradition of continuous progress, innovation, and persistent excellence. But the foundation of Ajinomoto’s success in the field is research.

The company’s research and development division comprises over 1,700 professionals in the fields of science, medicine, technology, and pharmacology, spanning three broad areas of inquiry: Food, Bioscience Products and Fine Chemicals, and Pharmaceuticals and Health, with a focus on developing humectants, surfactants, emollients, and functional powders for the cosmetics and personal care industries.

In 1972 personal care ingredients market witnessed a small revolution with the launch of Ajinomoto’s AMISOFT®, the world’s first mild amino acid-based surfactant. Weakly acidic, safe for human use, and highly biodegradable, AMISOFT® enhanced facial cleansers, shampoos, and bar soaps. The products were powerful in use, and gentle in the environment. To this day AMISOFT’s natural biocompatibility makes it one of the industry’s safest surfactants. The era that Ajinomoto’s advanced amino science ushered in continues to be led by Ajinomoto’s pioneering research and introduction of numerous beneficial amino acid-derived materials for the global market.

R&D Support Capability

A Comprehensive Knowledge of Amino Science Informing Research and Development
Before developing new ingredients, Ajinomoto examines market needs to determine where our amino acid technologies can be brought to bear in solving them. Over the course of the product design and function evaluation phase we define physicochemical properties of a substance with special attention to its safety profile. We explore and analyze the compound’s sensory characteristics, and assess the combinations and interactions with other substances. Only then we move to the manufacturing and commercialization stage.

Our formulation laboratories in Japan, Thailand, and North America then proceed to develop innovative formulas that provide guidance and support our customers have grown to trust. Our sharing knowledge across the globe reinforces our commitment to the needs of diverse markets.

Flow of Material Development


Our mission with aminobeauty is to work along with body’s natural biochemical environment to keep skin and hair healthy and looking beautiful.

This mission is a holistic one, reflecting, as well, a shift in consumers’ understanding of what proper skin and hair care means. Professional and everyday consumers of personal care products are looking for new and natural ways of maintaining health and beauty. In a time of greater information and increased attention to the details of ingredients and their sources, the promise of safety and biocompatibility offered by aminobeauty is taking on an ever greater value.

The aminobeauty concept exemplifies natural ways of taking care of skin and hair. The challenge is to look at the living body as a beautifully integrated whole. Thus, hair and skin care aren’t viewed as a series of disassembled parts, each sustaining its particular problems and requiring its own approach to maintenance.

The older view of personal care was about conflict. Keeping skin clean and free of impurities was crucial, of course, but washing with harsh surfactants caused dryness and irritation. And so another product regimen would be promoted to soothe and cure that.

The aminobeauty approach is preventative: keep skin and hair beautiful and healthy from the start and maintain that state.. The beauty of amino products is that they care for the skin and hair naturally because of their amino backbone and their inherent design.



Your Specialty and Personal Care team is pleased to announce the arrival of the aminobeauty campaign launching at NYSCC Supplier's Day. It is nothing short of exciting and we welcome your feedback and comments.


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How did amino acids come to be part of the anatomy of all creatures?

To be clear, the origin story of amino acids explains not so much why they are inside us, but how, essentially, they are us… Answering this question touches on the origins of the earth and the process of abiogenesis. Amino acids first appeared some four billion years ago. While the planet was newly formed, and mostly a mass of liquefied chemicals sometimes thought of as the “primordial soup”; water, ammonia, methane, and other substances combined at temperatures much higher than at the Earth’s surface today. Amino acids concentrated in tidal pools were self-assembled into proteins, while other compounds became nucleic acids. These continued to evolve, ultimately leading to the beginning of life on Earth.

Why amino acids are called “the building blocks of life?”

Our bodies' muscles, organs, skin, and hair are all made up of proteins, which are in turn made up of unique combinations of 20 types of amino acids. In the body, amino acids are converted through various metabolic pathways to a plethora of useful substances. The combination of these substances in our body is magnificent in its complexity and balance. Like a construction of blocks, each has its place and function. Removing any has consequences for the overall structure. Yet that’s what time, pollutants, toxins, stress, and other incursions of the outer world impose upon us. Ajinomoto’s aminobeauty products seek to restore and support the natural beauty of life.

Amino Technology and Fermentation

Ajinomoto Co. pioneered amino acid research and has brought numerous amino-derived products to the global market. We continue to research and understand the unique benefits amino-derived products offer to the health of skin and hair The more we learn, the more clearly we see that the performance characteristics of amino-derived products are full of potential. Though hard science is Ajinomoto’s stock in trade, we are ever more firmly committed to the concept that amino materials are of the highest benefit to the modern consumer. There are many ways to obtain the volume and specificity of the amino acids required for commercial production, and for the past half century Ajinomoto has relied largely on a proprietary science of fermentation. Fermentation has been a key means of processing food from immemorial time. Human beings have been drinking wine and other beverages produced through fermentation throughout recorded history.

Yogurt, miso, vinegar, and soy sauce are all products of fermentation that formed the bases of Eastern and Western diets. Enzymes are proteins within living organisms that break substances down to digest them and thereby convert them to various components, easily usable by the body. When microorganisms digest certain organic materials, the by-products are amino acids. Uncontrolled, however, the process can produce a diverse sort of amino acids, and in quantities that depend on the imperatives of the particular organisms used. The process must be controlled with precision and attention to the type and quality of the source ingredients in order to produce amino acids that meet practical production needs. Purifying and increasing the efficiency of this process, for which nature serves as our ultimate model, is an ongoing area of our research and development.


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